Kansai Nerolac

The Story Till Date


With the whole country moving towards digitisation, it is the need of the hour to invest in the digital infrastructure of the company. Digitisation is fueling growth and harnessing its potential has become imperative in today’s competitive world. It is with this vision that in February 2000, Nerolac was transformed from a function-based legacy system into a process-based organised system by investing and implementing the SAP R/3 solution. Further measures to keep the company abreast of the digital developments were also taken with the implementation of core SAP applications like SAP R/3, SAP Supply Chain and supported dealer and vendor portals.

Nerolac continues to use enterprise resource planning tools and upgrade them to the latest versions. All the existing core SAP applications are of the latest version and cutting-edge applications and solutions are being sought out in the areas of Finance, Marketing and Customer Relationship, Manufacturing, Corporate Governance, Business Analytics, Mobile and Vendor portals etc.

This foresight in the IT department puts the company eons ahead and gives it the necessary edge to stay on the path of success and ensure transparency to all its stakeholders.