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What is VOC Paint?

VOC paint is a paint which has Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in it. The smell of fresh paint you experience in any house that is recently painted is the result of VOC in paint. These compounds are released at regular intervals into indoor air through an off-gassing process.

You need to understand what is VOC in paint to know the benefits of a paint free from VOCs. All the indoor wall paints release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as harmful gases.

Some properties of the volatile organic compounds are as follows:

  1. VOCs are known to have high vapor pressure and low water solubility.
  2. The concentration of VOCs are ten times higher indoors.
  3. These compounds can result in short term and long-term health hazards.

The residents in an apartment may inhale these VOCs. This can harm their health in multiple ways. Here are some of the side effects of inhaling harmful VOCs:

  1. Inhaling VOCs may result in nose and throat infection and irritation.
  2. You may also suffer from nausea, headaches and discomfort when exposed to these indoor compounds.
  3. In rare cases, exposure to VOCs may also result in cancer in human beings.
  4. People with sensitive skin may also suffer from allergic skin reaction as a result of VOCs.
  5. Some of these volatile chemicals may also adversely affect the lungs, kidneys as well as central nervous system.

Which VOCs are found in paint?

A number of volatile organic compounds are seen in paints. Some of the most common VOCs in household paints is formaldehyde. You may also find other chemicals like acetaldehyde, Xylene, benzene and mercury in household paints.

What is a safe level of VOC in paint?

Studies have revealed that low VOC paints may be a healthier choice for modern homes. If the concentration is 0.3-0.5 mg/m3, it is regarded as safe. As the levels of VOCs in paints increase, it causes more health issues.

What is a high level of VOC in paint?

If the concentration of VOCs is more than 0.5 mg/m3, it is a high-level VOC paint.

How long does VOC last in paint? OR how long do VOCs last after painting?

The greatest number of VOCs are released soon after painting the walls. However, VOCs continue to be released long after the walls have been painted.

Is it OK to sleep in a room with paint fumes?

It is unhealthy to sleep in a freshly painted room that releases paint fumes. You must wait at least three days before sleeping in a room that has been painted.

How do I get rid of VOCs in my house?

You can take several measures to reduce exposure to VOCs from paints. Here are some suggestions:

  1. You can make sure to ventilate the room so that the VOCs in paint don’t continue to circulate indoors.
  2. A proper circulation of fresh air while using agents that release VOCs can be a great tactic.
  3. Choose modern low VOC or zero VOC paints while repainting your home walls.

What is the safest paint to use? Which paint has lowest VOCs?

You can select zero VOC paints by Nerolac for better health of your family and loved ones. Nerolac is the first company in India to come up with almost zero VOC paints in 2011. Breathe fresh air as you choose the advanced wall paints that are free from emissions.