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KNPL is a market leader in the Drums & Barrel Industry and serves all the major giants of this industry.

Barrel Coatings are designed to protect barrels from atmospheric chemical attacks as well as the contents in the barrel like oils, petroleum products, industrial solvents and perfumes.

Depending on the end use, we have designed a range of products from epoxy finishes to polyurethanes and air/stove drying alkyds. We have also developed products like Superstoving Barrel Enamel & HGHH – High Gloss High Hardness Barrel Enamel, Nerostove Range which has revolutionised the barrel industry.


KNPL dominates this Industry, serving most of the major cylinder suppliers.

Gas cylinder coatings are designed for protection from surface corrosion and rough handling during transportation & delivery. Most of the household gas cylinders are painted signal red, while industrial cylinders are painted grey, blue or green.

KNPL has a strong presence with customised products specifically made for this industry. We serve all the major fan manufacturers.

Fan coatings are pure stoving products and the parts consist of Al blades & the rotor (body), which is made up of casting. Different parts are painted with different kind of paints and have different application methods.

We provide a range of products from Alkyd-Aminos with epoxy resin primers to Alkyd-Polyester–Aminos and Thermosetting Acrylic-Amino resin-based topcoats. We provide paint for various fan models like table fans, pedestal fans & wall-mounted fans.


We provide soft feel coatings that are highly matted, non-reflective and give an impression of velvet, leather or silk.

Kansai Nerolac’s Soft Feel Coatings provide a wide variety of solutions depending on your coating needs. Our products set the standard in consumer electronic coatings and provide a total finishing solution for designers, manufacturers and applicators. Refer to the list of solutions to discover all that we offer.

  • Car dashboards.
  • Durability
  • Electric switches & switch boards.
  • Straps of wrist watches & pens.
  • Cell phones & ipods.
  • TV cabinets & remote control cases.
  • Computer key boards & mouse cases.
  • Sunglasses & cameras.
  • Audio components.
  • Bottle caps

We provide glass coatings to be applied on commercial glass substrates for decoration & protection of glass articles used in cosmetics, perfume & brewery industries. Glass coatings improve the strength of the glass and assist in safe handling.

We provide a range of coatings based on acrylic resins. These coatings are single coat, single component, fast drying cum forced drying type of coatings applied on front cabinet to hide the injection molding defects.

Mirror backing coatings are applied to protect the metallic layer of Al which gives a mirror effect. It also protects the metal layers from corrosion and from mechanical scratching. The paint can be applied either by passing the glass through a curtain of paint or by using a roller paint coater.

We provide many mirror backing paint products depending upon the application. We also offer paint systems that are applied as a single coat or double coat.

At Kansai Nerolac, offshore coatings have evolved considerably. Our application processes are quicker, more environmentally tolerant and coatings require fewer coats for UHB and meet more environmental, health and safety needs.

  • Fire resistant filing cabinet
  • Defender safes/strong doors
  • Safe deposit locker system
  • ATM safes

Depending on the end use, we provide various coatings based on Alkyd Amino, Alkyd Polyester Epoxy Amino, Quick Drying Alkyd and NC Systems.


These are the coatings for lifts, which consist of:

  • The casting body
  • MS components (machine cover)
  • MS lifter.

Casting body and machine covers are painted yellow, green, orange and red. The MS lifter is painted black. These are air-drying coatings based on quick-drying alkyds or two-comp acrylic systems.

We provide advanced finishes for farm equipment. Our new coating enhances the durability and appearance of modern agricultural equipment, while also providing cost savings in the manufacturing process.

We provide a range of acrylic and alkyd coatings that have been widely used for finishing agricultural equipment, a market category that includes tractors, seeders, balers, fertilizer spreaders, commercial mowing and plowing equipment and harvesters, because these products require good corrosion protection, appearance and durability at a moderate cost. High-gloss, air-dry alkyd enamels can make ideal topcoats for farm equipment with their good gloss retention capability and excellent chemical, impact and chip resistance.

Castings are made up of Mild Steel, Aluminium and Alloys. These are heavy blocks and shot blasted before painting as a surface preparation prior to painting. The shot blasted components are sensitive to atmospheric conditions and corrode quickly. The castings are painted with different coloured sealer coats to protect the surface. These painted castings are then shifted to end user like Tractor industries, truck industries or machinery industries. These are again painted with different types of paints like Low bake enamel, PU Top coats etc. as par the end use.


Undisputed market leader in PEB industry. Serving as 100% suppliers to most of the major PEB manufacturers.

The concept of pre-engineered buildings have a lot of scope in India as they can actually fill up the critical shortage of housing, educational and health care institutions, airports, railway stations, industrial buildings & cold storages. This concept holds a unique position in the construction industry in view of it being ideally suited to the needs of modern engineering Industry. Steel is a preferred material for construction due to its various advantages like quality, aesthetics, economy and environmental conditions.

At Kansai Nerolac, We understand the coating needs of pre-engineered buildings and provide a range of products , right from red oxide paint for painting the primary and secondary steels to special paints that have to be applied to steel in order to give better anti-corrosion properties.

  • Bicycle industries.
  • Electrical rice cookers.
  • Hacksaw blades.
  • Sewing machines.
  • Generator sets.