Grey Colour Combination for Home Interiors

Are you wondering about colours that go with grey? Despite its apparent neutrality, there’s never a dull moment with the colour grey. It’s versatile and can serve as an effective backdrop for any living space as well as take centre stage when it comes to interior décor. As such, it lies somewhere between black and white, and is a mix of both colours.

Grey can appear dark, almost black, and also light which resembles a shadow. Each of grey’s tints and shades gives a bedroom, living room, or kitchen a different persona. As per the science of colour psychology, this seemingly mute colour has lots to say. Glamour, stylish minimalism, and professionalism are some of the qualities this colour represents.

Modern sophistication is what will be the cornerstone of your design when you opt for grey. The beauty of using grey colour is that it blends brilliantly with other hues to create design concepts. There are several grey colour combinations that provide a rich and classy feel.

The colour is definitely for urbane homes. The sleek and industrial finish it gives to any living space is representative of sanctuaries in fast-paced cities. The colour is meditative in its own way and provides a soothing escape from the humdrum of daily life. Those who choose it for their homes will find that it also lends itself perfectly for other interior accessories like houseplants, wall paintings and sculpture.

While the colour works well for contemporary design, grey also provides a tinge of antiquity. There is a certain vintage charm to it when it is paired with dark colours. Depending on the colours you match it with, grey offers up a world of options for you to choose for the next design for your home. It works just as well for living rooms, kids’ rooms, master bedrooms, and kitchens.

Read on to know the best grey colour combinations for your home interior decoration.

1. Dark Blue and Grey Colour Combination

Colour combination with Ash Grey and Dark Blue for your home

Blue and grey is one of the best colour combination with grey, don’t miss out on the absolute delight of ash grey and dark blue. Deep relaxation is the order of the day in a living room painted in these colours. Despite it being a duo of cool colours, it gives out a warm and welcoming feeling to guests.

Mood lighting will be the perfect accompaniment for this colour combination as it can create an ambience of tranquillity. Make one wall dark blue. For the rest of the living room, go for ash grey but with a twist: reveal the bare brick walls. This move will increase the style quotient of the décor. It’s also a great way to make the living room modern and urbane.

2. Mustard Yellow and Grey Colour Combination

Shadowy Grey and Mustard Yellow colour combination for your Home

A shadowy version of grey goes beautifully with the perkiness of mustard yellow to create a wonderful contrast of mute and bright colours. Mustard yellow stands for a burst of energy which, when paired with the sophistication of grey, creates a gorgeously modern aesthetic.

This grey colour combination works for living rooms and even studies. You can choose to paint the whole area in the shadowy grey colour and team it up with an accent wall in mustard yellow. This will allow for the yellow to truly shine against the stark grey backdrop. People who love the stimulation provided by the use of colour will enjoy this combination.

3. Rust Orange and Cement Grey Colour Combination

Colour combination with Cement Grey and Rust Orange for your home

Bathrooms are places where we get refreshed for a new day and where we indulge in self care after a hard day’s work. These are private escapes where we can be ourselves and recharge our batteries. It is thus, important for us to have spaces that are intimate and comforting.

Grey, in all its neutrality, makes for a perfect option for the bathroom. It provides an unassuming backdrop for all your tasks, free of any tension or worry. For this, cement grey is an evergreen option. Also, this colour is not prone to staining, so it is a practical choice for the bathroom.

To infuse a burst of colour and energy, go for a muted orange in a rust shade. Paint the wall behind your dressing mirror this colour so that you can see it and savour it whenever you enter the space. Orange is a warm colour while grey is soothing, and the contrast works wonders.

4. Dreamy Violet and Slate Grey Colour Combination

Slate Grey and Dreamy Violet colour combination for your Home

While we have discussed how grey is a colour that naturally provides a modern look, some of its shades create a vintage vibe. For this look, opt for a darker shade of grey like slate grey and pair it with dreamy violet.

Both colours are dark and from the cool colour palette. They instantly create a Victorian look. This colour combination promotes deep relaxation and that’s why it is apt for a master bedroom. It is intimate and communicates absolute privacy.

This combination provides the solace you would need after a hard day’s work.

5. Black and Grey Accents

Colour combination with Grey Accents and Black for your home

So, you want to design your living room to give it an intellectual appeal: one that’s steeped in tradition but also modernity? You want to communicate to your guests that “here’s the living room of a well-travelled and well-read person”. Then the classical colour combination of black and grey will do the trick for you.

This grey colour combination will automatically elevate the style and sophistication of your living room. Instead of going for one grey option, go for an accented backdrop which employs two kinds of grey: one shiny and other matte.

Reserve black for window panes, cabinets, and paintings, and you will have a living room that will stand the test of time when it comes to vogue.

6. Parrot Green and Ash Grey Colour Combination

Ash Grey and Parrot Green colour combination for your Home

Green, which represents the bounty of Mother Nature, serenity and a sense of nurturing, is a charming colour. It is not a colour that everyone would choose for their living room and that’s what makes it special. For those who love earthy tones for their living room, this is the colour.

Green pairs well with grey colour. Go for a shade like ash grey which leans more toward white. It will offset the brightness of green. It will also add some character as sometimes a bright parrot green can seem slightly bubbly. This cool colour scheme for the living room will enhance your day if given plenty of natural light.

7. Cream and Pastel Grey Colour Combination

Colour combination with Pastel Grey and Cream for your home

Now what about kitchens? These are creative spaces where we work our minds, hands and hearts to cook up traditional recipes and international delicacies. Here, we also work up our appetites. It is a place where we spend hours and also sometimes entertain guests.

How about the subtle colour combination of pastel grey and cream for the kitchen? Chic and classical, it gives you a charming backdrop for all your colourful adventures with different ingredients. Go for cabinets painted in grey and walls and countertops in cream for a lovely aesthetic. This grey colour combination is perfect for your next culinary escapade.

8. Burgundy and Cement Grey

Colour combination with Pastel Grey and Cream for your home

Dark grey colour combinations always translate to a more vintage vibe. Go for a stark and bold shade like burgundy to pair with cement grey. This living room is perfect for large bungalows with high ceilings.

This combination of warm and cool colour schemes will enrich the living room that will remain evergreen. It makes a glamourous statement, one that is inhabited by connoisseurs of the finer things in life.

Wooden furniture, floor length curtains, wall paintings and houseplants will complete the look of this colour combination.

9. Lemon Yellow and Stone Grey Colour Combination

Colour combination with Stone Grey and Lemon Yellow for your home

For a quirky take, pair lemon yellow with stone grey. This grey colour combination is wonderful for many reasons. First, it is perfect for a young couple who lives in the city and wants a stylish space to call their home. Second, since it is the marriage of two light colours, it creates the illusion of space and is apt for small apartments. Third, this design communicates a sense of playfulness that relaxes you after a tough week at work.

Go for stone grey for the entire living room. Use lemon yellow to enhance the room by way of furniture like side tables, cabinets, and shelves. Yellow provides the warmth to offset the industrial look of grey. It will draw attention to the living room while grey will promote rest and relaxation.