Sky Blue House Colours for Outside Walls

Blue is the colour of solitude, warmth, prosperity and open skies. Sky’s the limit when it comes to sky blue as a shade for exterior house colours. One of the most sought after shades with extreme versatility, sky blue exterior house colour is the ideal choice for every homeowner looking for a fine blend between sophistication and style. The beauty of sky blue colour lies in the different hues within this family. These hues can transform the way your roof, door or trimmings look. From midnight sky blue to summer sky blue, our experts have listed a variety of shades for every homeowner to choose from.

  1. Midnight Sky

    Midnight Sky Blue House Colour

    Midnight Sky Blue is a deep blue that represents the warmer, darker hue of the blue family. This is a subtle and sophisticated colour that goes well with bright whites or muted greys. It is commonly used in modern exterior houses as it adds a tinge of vivid colours with neutral shades.

    For stonework and trim work, midnight sky blue colour is the perfect choice.

    Following are the ways you can use midnight sky blue colour house outside:

    • Stonework and trim work paired with this shade
    • Roof and other accents
    • Window borders

    Characteristics: Subtle, dark, sophisticated

    Hex code: Midnight Sky: 2986

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  2. Summer Sky

    Summer Sky Blue House Colour

    The classic sky blue colour is the most preferred choice for vibrant Indian home exteriors. Summer sky blue colour symbolises energy, positivity, calmness and solitude. It is the only bright shade that will not look overly loud when used on exterior walls. Summer sky blue is perfect for small, quaint houses, row houses and houses in neighbourhoods with bright sunshine.

    Here are a few ways you can use summer sky blue colour house outside:

    • Sky blue on the walls with white trimmings
    • Sky blue on roofs or roof borders
    • Sky blue paired with grey

    Characteristics: Lively, vivid, modern

    Hex code: Summer Sky: 4263

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  3. Greek Sky

    Greek Sky Blue House Colour

    The classic Santorini blue has become a widespread Indian home exterior colour choice. This sky blue colour represents a deep, vivid sky blue when the sky is cloudless and crystal clear. This blue is like the ocean and represents serenity and creativity. Greek Sky blue can be used majorly for accents, old traditional homes and farm houses. This colour dazzles in busy cities and greenery. Here are a few ways you can use Greek sky blue colour house outside:

    • Greek sky blue on doors and windows
    • Pair with woodwork
    • Revamp traditional houses with this vivid colour

    Characteristics: Modern, unique, vibrant

    Hex code: Blue Sapphire: 2411

  4. Dusty Sky

    Dusty Sky Blue House Colour

    Dusty sky is a shade that represents a dull and muted sky blue. Dusty sky can also be mistaken for a lighter shade of grey when it comes to paint. It has gained prominence in recent years for its subtlety and depth that it adds to exteriors. Perfectly suited for modern structures, roofs, trims and walls, this sky blue exterior house colour can make a house look energetic and elegant at the same time. Here are a few ways to use dusty sky blue colour house outside:

    • With grey stonework
    • With grey bricks
    • With white panels and trims

    Characteristics: Dusky, warm, serene

    Hex code: Tempest Storm: 2985

  5. Country Sky

    Country Sky Blue House Colour

    When you travel towards the country, you witness a clear blue sky that is light, tinted and almost translucent. Country Sky is a perfect blue exterior house colour that blends with whites, greys and browns. It is a pristine blue that delights your eyes and structure in all ways possible. Country sky is the perfect tone to stick to if you don’t want to go too far from neutrals. Here are a few ways to use country sky blue colour house outside:

    • With rusted woodwork and white trimmings
    • With white pillars and roofs
    • With red or brown brickwork

    Characteristics: Light, tranquil, unique

    Hex code: Cloudless sky: 4304

  6. Tips to choose Sky Blue House Colours Outside

    • Blue is not a tricky shade but it does have a vast variety. Choose a sky blue colour that sticks to your personality and design
    • Go with classic choices like blue and grey and blue and white if you’re unsure
    • You can always add other colours like yellow and beiges to blue
    • Warm up your home exteriors with woodwork
    • Stonework and brickwork go perfectly with sky blue
    • Try accents or doors if you want to stay subtle

Sky Blue Colour is so versatile that it can be paired with woodwork, different colours, different surroundings and still look elegant. Sky Blue colour will remain evergreen and timeless, fitting different styles of homes and regions.