Wall Painting Ideas

There’s a lot more that goes into home decor and design than basic paint on walls. It doesn’t just end at a splash of paint and a colour scheme. Take your home design journey a step further by entering the world of wall painting ideas. Wall painting ideas can transform a room into a breath of fresh air with creativity, unique accents and character. Don’t settle for dated, tired walls and basic beiges when you can add a simple yet innovative element of design with wall painting ideas for homes.

Wall painting ideas are born from your personality and your choices. You can research the types of designs, colour schemes and styles that best represent you and your space. It is of utmost importance to choose wall painting ideas that are true to you, your family and your living space.

From simple wall painting ideas to creative wall painting ideas, our experts have listed it all down, from room to room. Navigate the world of wall painting designs with the following wall painting ideas for your home.

  1. Painted Wall Arch for Living Rooms

    Painted Wall Arch for Living Rooms

    Your living room deserves more than just bare, tired walls. A painted wall arch is one of the latest and trending wall painting ideas of 2022. With shades of blue and white, you can turn your living room into a Mykonos inspiration. With other pop shades, your living room can look chic and glamorous. Simple wall painting ideas like the wall arch invite conversation and must become a part of your home design moodboard of 2022.

    Here are a few ways to introduce a painted wall arch as a wall painting idea in your living room:

    1. Paint a subtle shade of green into your faux wall arch and place jute decor or an artificial plant in front of it
    2. Paint a contrast shade inside an actual wall arch of your wall
    3. Have the trinity of wall arches in the middle of your living room
    4. Use your painted wall arch as a portrait wall or a shelf area

    These creative wall painting ideas are set to transform your living room into a charming and elegant space.

    Characteristics: Minimal, vivid, elegant

  2. Contrasting Ceilings for all rooms

    Contrasting Ceilings for all roomsIn 2022, we do not ignore ceilings. Ceilings when painted, make all the difference to the space while adding a subtle touch of balance and colour. You can even go a step further and go with a textured wall painting idea for your ceiling.

    When you have heavy chandeliers or fans on your ceiling, it’s best to go with bright colours. White isn’t your only go-to ceiling colour.

    Ceiling wall painting ideas can alter your space completely. Pro-tip: Dark colours make your ceiling walls appear lower whereas lighter colours make it appear higher.

    Also do keep in mind ambient and natural lighting around the ceiling as some light may bounce off, making rooms appear brighter than usual. Following are a few wall painting ideas for your home ceilings:

    1. Contrasting ceiling colours: Dark blues, pop colours, reds
    2. Subtle wall textures for ceilings without architecture
    3. Matte paints for ceilings with decor

    Characteristics: Vivid, contemporary, subtle

  3. Chevron Patterns for Bathrooms

    Chevron Patterns for Bathrooms

    Chevron is an inverted V-shaped pattern that can be seen in fashion, history and design all over the globe. Chevron patterns are also very popular for rugs and wooden panels. Recently, this wall painting idea has been adapted to contemporary bathroom design. You can place chevron patterns in your bathroom along with your bathtub and it will appear as a splendid, sophisticated choice. It can rest in the midst of your marbles, making quite the statement or on mirror walls balancing out the whites.

    Chevron motifs can either be in the basic beiges or with subtle pastel shades, especially in oceanic colours for the bathroom. Either way, chevron patterns are on the trending wall painting ideas list of 2022 and all homeowners must take note, because bathrooms deserve design attention too.

    Characteristics: Suave, simple, charming

  4. Faux Brick Walls for Bathrooms

    Faux Brick Walls for Bathrooms

    Who needs brick walls when you can have faux brick walls with different paints, textures and styles? Faux brick walls are a simple wall painting idea to add character to your bathroom design. It is actually one of the easiest wall painting ideas since there are finishes and paints readily available to achieve this design.

    This is the latest wall painting idea for 2022 bathroom designs since it goes well with muted colour schemes and looks refreshing as well. Here are few ways to place your faux brick wall painting idea in the bathroom:

    • Use it as the backdrop of a big mirror and your shelfs
    • Use it as your shower wall paint idea to neutralise with other walls
    • Divide your bare wall with a half faux brick wall texture

    Characteristics: Modern, simple, timeless

  5. Stripes for bedrooms and dining areas

    Stripes for bedrooms and dining areas

    Stripes are evergreen. This classic and simple wall paint design idea is so versatile that it can give out different vibes as per your palette choice. If you go for subtle shades of pastels then it reflects a calm and composed feeling. Whereas colourful stripes bring out playfulness and energy in the room and muted stripes add an elegant touch.

    Stripes are the perfect wall painting idea for homes when you don’t want to experiment much and stay in your comfort zone. It gives you just the right amount of design and balances the visual traffic amidst bare walls.

    Characteristics: Tranquil, chic, comfortable

  6. Stencils for bedroom accent walls

    Stencils for bedroom accent walls

    Accent walls are basically focal walls of your room that elevate the design and space. Stencils as wall painting ideas work perfectly if you want to add a personal touch, a customised pattern and elegance to your bedroom. From traditional stencils to creative and modern patterns, you can experiment with the variety of options available for your bedroom which is a personal space and a reflection of you.

    Indian homes are seen having traditional, ornate stencils embellishing their walls. This wall painting idea also works perfectly for portrait walls or puja rooms. If you want a contemporary edge to your cosy bedroom, you can choose a modern stencil and colour scheme to use as a backdrop of your furnishings or couch. If you’re interested in a gamut of wall painting ideas for bedrooms, we have some in store for you here.

    Characteristics: Customised, elegant, ornate

  7. Floral designs for living rooms

    Floral designs for living rooms

    Florals are timeless and a design favourite for decor, furnishings, upholstery and walls. The versatility of florals can allow you to weave patterns that are either uniform, or experiment with the boldness of one accent on a bare wall. Here are a few ways you can experiment with floral wall painting ideas for your home:

    • Floral stencils on portrait walls or dining walls
    • Floral mural on a bare wall as a living room backdrop
    • Floral abstract designs in same shade as wall colour
    • Floral line drawing accents in white or black

    Floral designs have numerous simple and creative wall painting ideas in store for you. Specially suited for living rooms, this wall painting idea is a safe and creative choice for homeowners to run with. For more creative wall painting ideas for halls, we have a list ready right here.

    Characteristics: Energetic, timeless, vibrant

  8. Headboard texture for bedrooms

    Headboard texture for bedrooms

    Bedrooms are a personal space and we often spend most of our time here, hence the area needs to resonate with us and our feelings of solitude, relaxation and calmness. Headboard textures have become a common design wall painting idea for bedrooms as it often represents the centre and focal point of the room. Initially, homeowners would hang portraits or paintings but with times and designs bringing in a change, headboard areas are witnessing textures, patterns, colour swaps and accents. Here are a few creative wall painting ideas for headboards in your bedroom:

    • Choose an abstract texture-based paint in the same colour scheme
    • Choose a contrasting wall paint to break the monotony
    • Choose a mural instead of a framed painting
    • Add stencilled patterns to your bare headboard giving it finesse

    Characteristics: Unique, bold, sophisticated

  9. Colour blocking for kitchens

    Colour blocking for kitchens

    Kitchens have become a modern, open space for design experimentation. With open kitchens and modular kitchens being voted as popular choices, colour blocking wall painting ideas fit perfectly into this realm. Kitchens represent food, energy, liveliness – and colour blocking exudes the same personality.

    Homeowners are now turning modern kitchens into a fun space with colours, modern utensils and design. Here are a few colour blocking creative wall painting ideas for your kitchen:

    • Keep it simple: Choose a two-colour paint combination and play with shades
    • Use stencils to embellish select walls of your kitchen
    • Paint your mouldings and cabinets in bold colours
    • Let your furniture be of a muted tone and your walls be a vibrant backdrop

    We have also curated similar, simple wall painting ideas for kitchens – read more about it here.

    Characteristics: Vibrant, vivid, playful

  10. Modern grunge for kitchens

    Modern grunge for kitchens

    A popular wall painting idea for open kitchens, modern grunge lets your space take on a raw, rugged, loft-like finesse. This wall painting idea is perfect for homeowners who want to go for dusty tones like grey, black and browns. There are many ways to give your kitchen a modern grunge look. You can either go all out and twin your cabinetry and furniture as well or you can choose a few walls to display the grunge aesthetic while being minimal and chic.

    This is one of the latest wall painting ideas of 2022, especially for kitchens because kitchens deserve their own design and colour scheme as well.

    Characteristics: Raw, rugged, muted

  11. Ombre walls for dining rooms

    Ombre walls for dining rooms

    Ombre is a gradient style of any shade or multiple shades that has been a trend in fashion, design, styling and decor lately. If you do not want bare walls and also wish to stay subtle, ombre walls are a simple wall painting idea for dining rooms, family rooms and common areas. Popular shades for ombre walls are blue, maroon/red and green.

    This wall painting idea can also be adapted to other spaces like bedrooms and kitchens, but they remain most popular in common areas with high traffic. Ombre walls can give out the vibe you need on the basis of the shades you choose, Darker shades bring out a warm, cosy atmosphere whereas pastel hues work well with natural light.

    Characteristics: Cosy, radiant, simple

We live in an era where bare walls do not justify modern, contemporary designs for homes. We want our spaces to represent us from the simplest ideas to the flamboyant, eccentricities of wall painting designs. We have it all curated for homeowners to choose from. To read and research more about wall painting ideas and designs for homes in 2022, here are a few write ups from our experts:

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